In Magnetosphere, the raw audio samples
of the earth’s magnetic radio waves
are transformed into an evolving cosmic landscape,
with unfolding harmonics, static glitches and an
expanding aura of textural turmoil.

For Fixed Media - Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound

Planet Earth naturally produces electromagnetic radio waves, which can be
converted to sound waves using a VLF (very low frequency) receiver
allowing us to hear this Earth Song”.   

                                               The sounds are identified as:

Sferics and Tweeks (atmospherics emitted by lightning strokes).

Whistlers (originating from thunderstorms, meteorites or after earthquakes,
interacting with plasma particles in the radiation belts).

Dawn Chorus (Chorus waves generated near the magnetic equator,
peaking at local dawn, sounding like birds singing and called
“killer electrons”as they can cause damage to satellites and harm astronauts).

Hiss (low-frequency radio waves evolved from chorus waves which deflect speedy
particles in the earth’s upper atmosphere).

Original audio samples courtesy of CARISMA
(The Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity,
operated by the University of Alberta and funded by the Canadian Space Agency)


The New York Electroacoustic Music Festival Summer 2017
A surround sound piece which transforms recordings of the earth’s magnetic field.

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